10 January 2008

Art without Money

Radio Libertaire is broadcasting on the French FM since 1981 - it's the radio of the Fédération Anarchiste, functioning as they say "without a god, without a master and without advertising" (what better would you want?). You could think it's an obscure channel, that only 23 seventy year-old anarchists listen to but its audience is actually quite decent, cosmopolitan and diverse, thanks to open, activist and indeed free-spirited programs. Even people, like me, who are not really radio listeners have a bit of affection for this atypical media (another one like that is Radio Aligre).

This Monday, 14th of January, I'm invited to chat with other people about interactive art, on the Radio Libertaire bi-weekly art show "Muzar", hosted by the curator Nathalie McGrath, between 9.30 and 11 am.
So tune in on 89.4!

With me, will be talking:
- Muriel Ryngaert, in charge of the audience and cultural policy at the MAC/VAL
- Jérôme Delormas, director of Lux Valence, and director of the future "centre Gaîté Lyrique des arts numériques et musiques actuelles"
- Stéphane Maguet, director of the digital art gallery Numeriscausa
- Antoine Schmitt, artist

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20 October 2007

Music for the global warming

Radioz is a small online community of friends who are each publishing every now and then a music playlist, powered by the friendly Zanorg radio system, that can be added to any website. For his 11th playlist, David invited me to participate and share the tracks selection.

To celebrate the sweet and savoury flavours of the autumn season, we prepared a 17-tracks playlist that follow on from each other, as one track answers the temptations of the previous one. The first proposal is mine, then David's reply provokes a chain reaction...

You can listen to the songs separately or - even better - as one track (mixed more or less as in a radio station) by selecting "Mix radioz 11" at the end of the tracklisting (it takes a bit longer to load).

The playlist is available as you pick "David" (1st name on the list) from the radioz homepage.



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