17 August 2006

I'm only sleeping

Somehow in my lethargic permanent state, I find the time to think about the places I'd like to visit while I'm here. Turns out there are still so many locations I haven't seen yet in my 20 visits or more in Israel. Well, true enough, I didn't do much as a kid on holidays here. Sticking around, reading, looking at the ceiling. Nothing much different than now. Except this time I don't resent it so much.
Anyway, since I now like Tel-Aviv for being such a cool city with its art, its architecture, its bars, its food, etc, I feel there's almost too much to experience, and not enough time (I mean I still have to hit the beach every morning and then nap in the afternoon while it's too hot outside).
Well, I guess next time, I'll plan hardcore tourist holidays. Those are more like being stoned, hippie 60's style, psychedelic, the bed is the place to be kind of holidays - except I don't even need to smoke, cos I'm so tired.


14 August 2006

Tel-Aviv on Monday

After 3 days in town, it seems like I already settled in pleasing habits: beach in the morning after waking-up and a slight breakfast, then lunch, then rest and then hitting town for a stroll that might include shopping...
Yesterday though after the beach my brother drove me south along with my nephews Ishay and Anaer to visit another nephew, Emmanuel who's doing his military service and who's currently based in the Negev desert. It was so nice to see him, after 2 years.. And obviously he looked really happy to see us paying him a visit and bringing with us plenty of junk food and candies as a treat ;-)
We also got to steal him in the car for a quick lunch in the nearby town.
And that was just nice to look at him, his glorious smile.

-- Joëlle.

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