28 September 2006

Stronger than Biometrics

Regularly, I get invited to join a new online network and it seems like the trend's not going to stop anytime soon. It's like the last network to join would be the most indispensable tool to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, past friends, future friends, future employers, future employees, current communities of interests..
Last I joined was LinkedIn, invited by Guillaume that I get to be in touch with more online than in town, although we live in the same town. But I don't really mind that. It's just another way to enjoy a friendship. Like with those friends who read my blog and post comments directly to my mailbox or on instant messenging rather than in here.
So my entire life is now diversely online and whoever can get to know what I did when, with whom and where. The CIA doesn't need my passport biometrics or my octo-lovo vegetarian lunch menu on my last trip with Air France to know exactly what they need to know. They just have to cross the info posted on this blog, or on Orkut, Friendster, Delicious, Flickr, MySpace, LinkedIn, Viaduc, Rhizome, my photographic work and get in touch with me or my friends on iChat (I seemed to remember I have also an account on ICQ and MSN but I have no clue whatsoever about what my logins are). For most of the network sites, I end up copy-pasting my favorite authors and cinema directors and interests in architecture and design. I think I also put some of my education info in some reunion high school site and another one that opened recently to put in touch travelers from different cities. But those ones I kinda gave-up. To round-up my listing of online identities, I should mention that I also have my usual email address but it wouldn't be complete with 2 other email accounts on Gmail of course. Ah, and also, I have more or less running email accounts from my previous jobs, and a Yahoo ID in case it's not just enough. Lastly, I reopened an Hotmail account to play with anonymity again. Let me tell you it's a hell to play with all the logins and passwords. And since I've a bad memory I've to try many combinations to sign in in various forums, ACM, Apple or Adobe accounts.
Thankfully, I'm pretty sure of who I am and after all, one can say that telling what your last killer design job with the Louvre was or that Fitzgerald is one kinky of an author and The Beatles is the best band in the world and Italian pasta is a hell of a food (especially when the sauce is cooked with caramelized red onions) is not so revolutionary and pretty superficial.
God, what one would do to promote their super online experimental net-art open plaform...


24 September 2006

Oops, I did it again

Ok, I had a profile on Flickr for a while but never had actually any pictures in it..
So now, I uploaded all my phone pictures which seemed to me like a good start because they're not coming from my usual camera. And I've been wanting for a while to get them out of my phone cos I've no room anymore so it seems that Flickr is really convenient to share those very inspiring snapshots...
Maybe I'll get inspired furthermore to dig into my old collection of pictures and make some interesting sets.
This whole thing is getting so visual... RAW makes even more sense to me nowadays because the key word for me henceforth is : "selective". A best-of of my life as a photographer is on the way.
But in the meantime, I give you the 26 photos that I took with my phone and kept since I got it from Raphael around about last year.

-- Joëlle

18 September 2006


It took me about a week to recover from my trip in Israel then 2 more weeks to find the time to put my photographs together. Not just my recent vacations' pictures but this past year's ones as well...
I selected some of them and displayed them in 2 different albums - the whole set is called "Summer to Summer", that is summer 2005 to summer 2006. I thought I hadn't traveled much in that timeframe but those picts show something different. Many travels, although not quite with the same mood as the one from the year before. In the second half of 2005 I was still digesting my drastic change of life, from the closure to the lab to my decision to remain in Paris for a while. The first half of 2006 opened with a new take on my surrounding world, a growing unstable excitement at my new life.
And now that I'm on the edge of jumping into new adventures again, I thought it was time for a quick look back.
I leave you those pictures without much comments, hoping they can speak for themselves:
Summer to Summer - Part 1
Summer to Summer - Part 2

-- Joëlle

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