26 February 2005

My head is boiling.

To my shame, I haven't written anything on that blog for over a month. I meant to, though. Every day. Since the Media Lab closed down. Express myself about it. I just couldn't. There are so many things to say. So many people to mention. Because after all, it was all about the people. Friends. Now I'm back in Paris. It's been a week. I mean, I love the city. It's Paris, you know. It's no way like Dublin. But I do miss my friends. I know the next adventures are going to include them for sure. In the meantime, my head is boiling with ideas, with anticipations, with desires, with excitement. It's boiling so much that some time, I'm paralysed. Like when I have to write. A blog entry. An email. But like now, starting with just a word can be enough to tell the story.


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