23 March 2004

ETRANGERS::Links is a quite comprehensive list of new media related websites : schools, museums, artists, online exhibits, graphic design resources, and so on. A very well done work by Sonia Marques, from the School of Fine Arts of Angers. And, yes, Superficiel is on the list ;-)

21 March 2004

thanks to the efforts of many (including me...), photographer/painter AURELIA VARTANIAN (and yet a friend of mine...) has now a shiny spot in cyberspace.
English and French versions are availlable, for the viewing pleasure of all.
Any remarks, commentaries, critics (good or bad), or feelings shall be much appreciated.
Anyway, Aurélia and myself hope that you will enjoy the visit, and wish to welcome you soon in her new home.


19 March 2004

Life after multimedia ?

is there any? well i think we should start thinking about that right now. Actually, i can see quite a few opportunities out there. Why not starting up life again as : a clown ? a B-Boy (is that a job?)? a make-up artist? a shrink (listening is essential in this industry)? a choir singer? a psychic ? a financial analyst? a car dealer? a porn star? what else?
Personally, i feel that multimedia is a pretty good preparation for (the rest of your) life.
Ok, maybe not for the B-boy thing...

18 March 2004

css Zen Garden is the true "road to Enlightment". Impressive and Simple. But how can anyone keep up the pace in this industry???

Core77 presents -- Timex 2154 : The Future of Time | International Design Competition To celebrate its 150th anniversary and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to design and innovation, Timex is inviting designers from around the world to explore and visualize personal and portable timekeeping 150 years from now - in the year 2154.

13 March 2004

SHIFT | CONNECTION is Shift's Exchange Graphical Links page.
Anyone for designing a 180x140 px banner ?
This can be a jpg, gif or even a swf file.
If you have the image i can do the coding, or vice-versa? ;-)

superficiel blog. take One.
as this door is opening i wanted to share that one with you...

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