28 May 2006

Can you feel it?

Today, the secretary of the French Socialist Party (PS) announced that the party reached the historic number of 200 000 members thanks to a well managed Internet subscription campaign. I got caught in the wave and did subscribe about 3 weeks ago (so I can design the presidential candidate I prefer within the party). I've always voted for the socialist candidates in elections so nothing changed in my life in particular except that I finally accept to be affiliated to a group. Really it's a revolution (that's what my friend Madjid would say). As the New Kids on the Block used to say, step by step, I guess I got to enjoy the idea of communities of interests. There is still some relunctancy but I've come a long way baby. At 14, there was the Club du Sergeant Pepper but I guess it doesn't really count because I hardly met anyone there - it was all letters and minitel exchanges. More significantly, at 19, there was Spont'Ex - we were 6 elite and only members - which got me to drop slowly my individualistic watch. The years after were essentially about to discover the pleasures of group meetings.
Now, the PS is back on track to elect a woman president, there is disco music in the world again (well, at least on French prime time TV), we just need a bit more sun, and then can you feel it? It's coming back..

-- Joëlle

21 May 2006

Pulp Action

Do you believe in reincarnation before death? Since the spirit of thankfully well alive Jarvis Cocker has landed on the french version of American Idol, I must say I have to believe in some sort of magic fluid connecting gifted people. Christophe Willem is currently competing to be "la nouvelle star" (the new star) on the real-TV program and he's the hot topic of Parisian dinner parties, the hip talk of town since his very first song on the show, a cover of Sunny by Boney M.
His ultra long skinny silhouette mixed with his clear humble enthusiasm to sing and this type of sexually-appealing voice got me hooked just like everybody else who heard him sing and got me to blog about him just like everybody else who... To my knowledge, I don't think this kind of phenomenon (reaching to the typical real TV audience as well as to the adversaries of it or to people like me who don't give a damn anyway) has ever been heard of so far, at least in France. I was able to catch up on all his performances thanks to a compilation on youtube. There are hits and misses but even the misses are charming. Watch in particular for the covers of Stayin' Alive, New-York-New-York or I am what I am.

-- Joëlle.

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