05 May 2009

A moment of urban poetry

As soon as I heard you could see pink flamingos going about freely in a parc in the middle of Milan, I started looking for them.
Strangely, neither tourist guides nor the web have much indication about them - and I discovered why : they go about in a private parc. But through a gate, you can still watch them, closely and stop the urban time passing around you. They're so amazing. I love especially looking at their skinny, fragile-looking legs.
Thanks to a Flickr post, I got the address. They can be found in Via Cappucini, 9 in the garden of the beautiful Palazzo Invernizzi.
I wish I had a proper camera with me that day, but I'm happy nonetheless I grabbed with my phone a souvenir of this incredible urban moment (the Flickr pict is very nice for a more "artistic" capture of the spectacle).

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04 May 2009

Beat it

Seen at a bus stop in Milan, an ad for the new Burberry perfume, called The Beat.
I wonder if the name came before the advertising campaign idea or after.
Can it be more referential? Is it what design and communication are just about these days?

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