24 May 2005

Dare devils

Who said that musicals were out of fashion? Watch this absolute delicacy made by the Prangstgrüp performers called "Lecture musical". And if you're still not into musicals there are plenty of other videos, like 'Start up sound' that are irresistibly hilarious and more in their video archive.
On a side note, I'm noticing that short videos are these days some of the best items you can find on the Internet.


19 May 2005


On my first day in Milan this week, I was invited to spend part the day at Achille Castiglioni's office where most of the objects, chairs, lamps he designed are on display in the most casual manner, just like *at home*. You're not in a museum where the chairs stand behind a glass or a do-not-touch sign. You're actually incited to sit on them, to touch, to use... and it goes for all the other objects and books around. Irma Castiglioni was there to tell a story for each object and to explain for instance how the shape of this particular chair was inspired from a disposable pair of slippers from a hotel somewhere.
This chair named 40/80 after the age of the two designers involved in the project was actually my favorite. Once I sat on it, I couldn't get up. It perfectly fit my lotus loving position. And I could very well see myself holding my Powerbook on my lap and working like that all day long.

Hence, once more, I discovered I have luxurious tastes (I made a price request from Stylepark website to check exactly how much my ideal costs - I'll post it when I have it...it's gonna be very funny).

-- Joelle.

Beeb beeb beep

The news is not today-new but I just realised today how good old BBC is currently setting the trend.
A revolution is on its way: authorship empowerment goes crazy.

-- Joëlle.

05 May 2005

TV torrents and Fyodor Dostoevsky

Now that tvtorrents.ws has definitively shut down, you can catch your daily dose of american tv life at TvTorrents.COM. Always worth checking : the latest seasons of "The Shield", "24", and other mild addictions.
Have you read Dostoevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" lately ? I'm not too sure what to think... Let me know if you do ! (raphael_AT_superficiel.org)


04 May 2005

Feeling Minimal

If you are in a minimal techno mood, whatever that means, and feel like you're running short of choices, go visit our russian friends from:: DEEP MIX MOSCOW RADIO :: who are serving everything to stop your craving..

02 May 2005

I'm happy just to dance with you

Here's another short video to enjoy that was recently produced by some friends of Julie, who belong to the collective Cela Etant.
A pure moment of pleasure and elegance. It's called 'danse de nuit'.


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