03 October 2008

THE UPGRADE! PARIS #18 with Etienne Mineur

This evening, the amazing interaction designer Etienne Mineur is giving a talk within the context of The Upgrade! Paris. He's going to present his experimental work carried out for major international companies, like Issey Mikaye. Etienne is one of the few people I know who's able to be edgy, ambitious and explorative within a web commercial context. In his blog, My-Os,he regularly presents his work and reviews with a sharp eye things he likes or dislikes (mostly anything related to the French national train company SNCF's communication).
I've first met him as my teacher at the Fine Arts school almost ten years ago and he's still the same humble and enthusiastic person that he was then. I'll be happy to moderate this talk this evening at the invitation of Julie Morel, who organises The Upgrade! Paris with Incident.net.

-- Joëlle


Etienne Mineur / at Beton Salon, Paris - 3 oct. 08, 7pm
(English below)

• Beton Salon
9 esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet.
Rez-de-Chaussee de la Halle aux Farines.
75013 Paris.
Underground station: Bibliotheque F. Mitterand

For the last 3 years, Etienne Mineur has developed www.my-os.net. The blog’s aim is to enquire about the relation between graphic design and technologies. For Upgrade! # 18, he will present his interactive projects, focussing on his experiments for Issey Miyake.

Born in May 1968. Art director for many independent agencies such as “Hyptique” (Paris) and “Nofrontiere” (Vienna, Austria), Etienne has also co-founded “Incandescence” and work there as the artistic director.

Moderation: Joelle Bitton. Joelle Bitton is an artiste, an interactive designer, and the founder of Superficiel.org.


Thanks to Melanie Bouteloup & Beton Salon Team.

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