09 April 2009

Be modern

One day, while surfing on Google, I stumbled upon this marvellous little website - it felt just as if I would stroll in the hidden and forgotten small streets of big cities like London or New-York and discovered out of the blue the most ravishing window-store of a boutique, owned by a person with a lot of heart and a lot of taste.

It's called "Bejewelled" and it sells retro and vintage jewelry.
Everytime I browse the selection, it puts a smile on my face. I don't like all the jewels on display (thankfully for my wallet) but they all have a special something, a daring uniqueness that makes you want to wear jewels and accessories again, to dress up and to live audaciously. Somehow the way you'd imagine women from the twenties and the thirties (as depicted in American movies) would live as they would slowly make their place into a men's world. For me that's when fashion helped this revolution the most obviously and put a definitive end to the 19th century.

Here are two (out of 3) of the items I bought from them and some other picks I made to present you from what I've recently seen there.
By the way, the prices make the pieces really affordable (between £15 and £40 for single pieces and slightly more for sets). It's based in the UK but I think they can deliver everywhere (?). I usually get my delivery in 3 or 4 days to France (last time I even got a beautiful small gift). The selection is also frequently updated, so you're always looking forward to the next crush...

Here are a wonderful brooch and earrings set I bought about a month ago and a necklace I just purchased (and that I've yet to receive!)

3 items I saw recently on Bejeweled...

-- Joëlle.

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09 February 2009

Paint it technicolor!

My best purchase this sale was surely the Douglas Sirk Collection: 7 masterpieces to exhaust your mind with dreams, the kind of dreams that make you change your life for the better.
Although I was familiar with movies like Imitation of Life (one of my all time favorites) and All that heaven allows, I discovered true jewels. One of them, "Has anybody seen my gal?" is set in the late twenties, while shot in the fifties. I think it's one of the very few movies I know that get to depict the twenties in technicolor (aside maybe from Singin' in the Rain). And it's like a veil has been lifted. You get to put colors on people, the streets, objects and mostly on... fashion! Of course, you see it the way they would see it in the fifties (there's another layer of reading for you) but it's so fun and it feels like being in a candy store.
The clothes are amazing, men and women fashion alike. Actually I love those high-waist men pants (I must say I'm not a big fan of the low-waist pants trend, so unbecoming to the silhouette). It makes me wanna wear more of those.
As a treat, here's a scene of the movie where music, clothes and acting come perfectly together.

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