28 September 2009

Picasa publishing

First timer with Picasa : I made a photo album with the Google app. Quite useful and so quick to edit, tag and upload..
I've no excuses to be lazy anymore.. Although I think I should play around with the contrasting tool : the picts look a bit overexposed online.
The major drawback of course is that I'm not hosting my pictures anymore, plus the overall design of the album page is very.... Google like.
But publishing my picts only one month after I came back from holidays, it must be a personal record.. so yeye!
(I still haven't even developed the film roll - those picts are taken with my Nokia in the 1st part of my holiday trip in Naples and Rome).

Here's one of my favorite - taken in Pompei, it looks like a washed Rothko... but it's just a wall.


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