14 December 2008

Going with the flow

I love typography in movement, text used as moving image.
This is a beautiful example of interpretation of text, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, made by the Human Rights Action Center, over their campaign for Burma and for the freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an important and inspiring text, it had to be toned down to accommodate a consensus of the first countries who signed it in 1948. It reminds me that I should write one day of the Declation of the Rights of Men and Citizen of 1793, a text that never got to be implemented in the turmoil of the 1st French Republic but that was far more ambitious than the one of 1789. It stated in its first article the common welfare - as in "well-being", "happiness" - as the aim of society: "Le but de la société est le bonheur commun". The overall tone of the Declaration is also quite libertarian: insurrection against a government that violated the rights of its people becomes a right and a duty.

The text of the 35 articles in French and in English.


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