01 February 2009

My name is Michael Caine

I ordered a Michael Caine DVD set on Play.com and the first movie I watched from this set is The Italian Job, some sort of very annoying British humour concentrate with a hint of Italian northern Dolce Vita, served a la Fiat over industrious Turin.
This movie is like a time-travel shoot into the end of the Sixties, when graphic design in the urban landscape meant something and cars were impersonated. More than about robbery, I felt this movie was about the Mini Rover, Agnelli, the car industry, Turin, architecture and city organization. The movie is worth watching for the 25mn car chase (basically an ugly Alfa-Romeo chasing 3 super cute Mini-Rovers) where you can actually glance quickly at all the stunning details around the cars. It's beautifully shot that way.
The other reason why you watch the movie is Michael Caine, in all his splendor, nice tailored costumes and Cockney accent.

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