25 February 2009


As I was walking home from work this evening, in a corner of a dark street in Montreuil, I hear my name as I was passing by 2 guys that I didn't notice at first. It took me about 5 seconds to replace the 1st guy in my memory, and a first name to replace the 2nd guy whose face was "hidden" by a hat. The 2 persons were simply 2 of my best friends in Tolbiac, my undergraduate college in Paris, some... 14, 15 years ago!! They were on their way to a dinner but they gladly went in for a drink at the strangely convenient corner bar that seemed to wait for us (we call it a "rade" in French - a bar populated only by regulars, that you would hardly notice until you enter it by chance). It was so nice to get a drink at the comptoir, and get reacquainted for few minutes. I had so much fun with them back then! And as one of them said, there's still much fun to have.
One thing I noticed was how, as they were dropping names of people we used to hang with and tell me where they were now, my memory worked hard to remember them but then it was like I slowly rediscovered a whole part of my life that seemed buried under many layers of so many different lives. I bet over the next few days, a lot of flashbacks will greet my mind.
In particular, I was reminded that I used to film every new person who came to my home and I so forgot about it. I'm amazed they remember that. It reminded me then that I have a dozen of tapes somewhere at my parents place, that I need to digitize very quickly...

-- Joëlle.

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