13 January 2010

RAW exhibited at Maison Pop

"RAW" is exhibited until the 30th of January at Maison Pop in Montreuil.
Maison Pop, 9 bis rue dombasle, 93100 Montreuil.

RAW is a set of tools and processes for capturing, in an unconventional way, everyday subjective experience of a place, a culture, a people.

RAW is named for the raw data gathered that purposefully remain unedited throughout the processes. The combined characteristics of RAW (including an emphasis on context of use, non-edition, and data presentation) make this concept a novel approach to authorship, to cultural exchanges, to audiovisual language, and to documentation.

At its core, RAW is an audiovisual recording device that combines a digital camera and audio recorder. Taking a picture triggers the recording of the sound a minute before and a minute after it.

The installation allows oneself to be immersed in the daily life of another person, notably thanks to the stereo sound of the piece. The first minute of sound plays while the image is slowly revealed.

The content presents a series of experiments made by 23 persons in Mali in August 2003. We also worked with teenagers from the Goutte d'Or district of Paris.

The project was done at Media Lab Europe in the Human Connectedness group. We thanks all the participants et supports of the project in Mali, France and Ireland.

More info on the project : the RAW website

Exhibited as well, The Objects of Telepathic Motion Picture by David Blair

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