08 April 2009

High-school hype

The French newspaper Le Figaro just released a ranking of the best high-schools in France. Turns out my old one, the Lycée Victor Hugo, is ranked 1st public school in the academy of Paris (2 private schools are ahead)! It's ranked 25th in France over 1915 (but most of the top ones are again private schools so it makes my high-school one of the best public school in France). It came a long way, baby so I'm rather pleased. When I attended the school between 1990 and 1993, it was rather average. There were a couple of amazing teachers, like my 1st Russian teacher, but overall none of them made a real positive impression (on the contrary, we had rather really terrible History and English teachers), while the impact my teachers from Junior high made on me is still fresh and enjoyable.
That said, the place itself was a cool stir of people : I got to meet there life-changing friends, I discovered with them and thanks to them some of the best music ever, like Nirvana, Faith no more, Pulp, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth among others (and we went to see all of the above in concert). We weren't hype by the then standards (although we would be very hype now), we were a group of music and pop-culture geeks, we hated being teenagers but we did love each other very much (and also argued with each other a lot a lot).

-- Joëlle.

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I meet you just after you left the College (Lycee Victor Hugo) and met some of your friends at the same time. I remember beeing very impressed about an article you wrote about Peter Greenaway. Not that it was pecularly good, after all you were only 18, but it was amazing to see so much curiosity, some kind of maturity mixed with the freshness of your 18s... No doubt, I was sure "this girl will be someone one day" I thought... You were eager to live 150%. That made you different from your friends at V.Hugo because, as they all were from intellectual famailies, they had a long way to go to make their way: at 18, they were already bored. I am so happy to see how they built their own path... But you were really different and on some part, I felt sometimes very closed to you. You are lucky you went to this college. But you had also the "something" which made the difference. Your energy AND your perpetual doubt about your life and your choices is what makes you different!
Real pleasure to write about you by talking about a college ranking...
From Tokyo,
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