24 September 2006

Oops, I did it again

Ok, I had a profile on Flickr for a while but never had actually any pictures in it..
So now, I uploaded all my phone pictures which seemed to me like a good start because they're not coming from my usual camera. And I've been wanting for a while to get them out of my phone cos I've no room anymore so it seems that Flickr is really convenient to share those very inspiring snapshots...
Maybe I'll get inspired furthermore to dig into my old collection of pictures and make some interesting sets.
This whole thing is getting so visual... RAW makes even more sense to me nowadays because the key word for me henceforth is : "selective". A best-of of my life as a photographer is on the way.
But in the meantime, I give you the 26 photos that I took with my phone and kept since I got it from Raphael around about last year.

-- Joëlle

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