17 August 2006

I'm only sleeping

Somehow in my lethargic permanent state, I find the time to think about the places I'd like to visit while I'm here. Turns out there are still so many locations I haven't seen yet in my 20 visits or more in Israel. Well, true enough, I didn't do much as a kid on holidays here. Sticking around, reading, looking at the ceiling. Nothing much different than now. Except this time I don't resent it so much.
Anyway, since I now like Tel-Aviv for being such a cool city with its art, its architecture, its bars, its food, etc, I feel there's almost too much to experience, and not enough time (I mean I still have to hit the beach every morning and then nap in the afternoon while it's too hot outside).
Well, I guess next time, I'll plan hardcore tourist holidays. Those are more like being stoned, hippie 60's style, psychedelic, the bed is the place to be kind of holidays - except I don't even need to smoke, cos I'm so tired.


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