21 May 2006

Pulp Action

Do you believe in reincarnation before death? Since the spirit of thankfully well alive Jarvis Cocker has landed on the french version of American Idol, I must say I have to believe in some sort of magic fluid connecting gifted people. Christophe Willem is currently competing to be "la nouvelle star" (the new star) on the real-TV program and he's the hot topic of Parisian dinner parties, the hip talk of town since his very first song on the show, a cover of Sunny by Boney M.
His ultra long skinny silhouette mixed with his clear humble enthusiasm to sing and this type of sexually-appealing voice got me hooked just like everybody else who heard him sing and got me to blog about him just like everybody else who... To my knowledge, I don't think this kind of phenomenon (reaching to the typical real TV audience as well as to the adversaries of it or to people like me who don't give a damn anyway) has ever been heard of so far, at least in France. I was able to catch up on all his performances thanks to a compilation on youtube. There are hits and misses but even the misses are charming. Watch in particular for the covers of Stayin' Alive, New-York-New-York or I am what I am.

-- Joëlle.

This is brilliant, you make me keep track of what's happening in Paris! I went on the video server, but the quality is so low, it's hard to visualize our new pop idol. well at least I know he exists, i feel alive!
à ton service, poulette.. the quality of the videos is bad, i know but maybe we'll end up someday together at one of his live show and then hopefully the quality will be there ;-)

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