19 May 2005


On my first day in Milan this week, I was invited to spend part the day at Achille Castiglioni's office where most of the objects, chairs, lamps he designed are on display in the most casual manner, just like *at home*. You're not in a museum where the chairs stand behind a glass or a do-not-touch sign. You're actually incited to sit on them, to touch, to use... and it goes for all the other objects and books around. Irma Castiglioni was there to tell a story for each object and to explain for instance how the shape of this particular chair was inspired from a disposable pair of slippers from a hotel somewhere.
This chair named 40/80 after the age of the two designers involved in the project was actually my favorite. Once I sat on it, I couldn't get up. It perfectly fit my lotus loving position. And I could very well see myself holding my Powerbook on my lap and working like that all day long.

Hence, once more, I discovered I have luxurious tastes (I made a price request from Stylepark website to check exactly how much my ideal costs - I'll post it when I have it...it's gonna be very funny).

-- Joelle.

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