08 April 2007

Blast from the past

Some time ago, at the Pop-In, where I hadn't been in forever, I stumbled upon an old friend that I lost track with, Laurent, and as I was saying to his friends yesterday evening at a BBQ he was doing at his place, he's the first person who got me familiar with the world of computer post-ataris and with the Internet. It was in 1996, I bought my 1st PC with him - he asked the seller to put a 2go hard-disk in it and the seller went "wow, that's a lot!". And he also helped me get Internet access and an email account: "manray@hol.fr". I was doing my master thesis and I needed a computer to type it but also to get in touch with the Guyanese diaspora, as I needed to interview them. Obviously, I had found my media and a meaning to my life.
Yesterday, Laurent gave me some news of an old friend, Wilfried and his myspace address. I haven't seen Wilfried in years as well and to hear him first through his songs is a moving experience. Also just because his songs are softly beautiful.
Wilfried* is an angel made for music.

Le Ping Pong

-- Joëlle.

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