23 February 2007

The New King of Scotland

Live from Forres, Scotland

Reporting the launch of Distance Lab, in a beautiful location, east of Inverness, in a very eco-friendly building, close to the hippie utopic community of Findhorn, and a 7-miles sand beach facing the North Sea, blessed with a micro-climate that makes it the sunniest place in Scotland...
I'm really moved by this achievement of Stefan who within 2 years of Media Lab Europe's closure managed to set up a new research lab, backed by a consequent budget, to give the HC group's past research some echo to go on faster, better, stronger in the future.
It's nice to be here at the moment it happens, and to spend some time with Matt, Andrea who are settling down here and Stefan of course.
Here's the email Stefan just sent around. Please pass it to the people who might be interested!

"Subject: Launch of Distance Lab

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to spread the word about the launch of Distance Lab, a new digital media research institute based in the beautiful and culturally-rich north of Scotland.

The mission of Distance Lab is to invent new technologies and experiences that challenge the way we think about distance and help overcome its disadvantages in learning, health care, relationships, culture, and other areas.

Many of you will remember me from my involvement in Media Lab Europe in Dublin, where I headed a research group named Human Connectedness. My hope is that Distance Lab will expand on many of the themes from this group as it develops a similar demo-based culture full of talented engineers, designers, and artists from all over the world.

We are now recruiting RAs and interns on a rolling basis. We are also looking to build links with potential sponsors, clients, and collaborators. Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested !

All information is on the Distance Lab web site:

Please join our mailing list if you would like future updates:

Keep in touch, and please let me know if you are ever in Scotland !

s t e f a n agamanolis
Chief Executive
Distance Lab"

Long live the new lab!


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