18 February 2007


You know you're addicted to the Beatles when... you build a whole artwork around their songs.
One of the projects I have listed under the name "one day", or "on standby", or "when i have time", or "soon", or "when this is finished" (you know the drill) is a project based on Beatles songs, some sort of Beatles storytelling engine.
I came across one day this wonderful lyrics machine that allows you to browse all their songs with words or phrases that appear in them. For instance, there are exactly 92 songs where the word "love" is cited from (A) "A Day in the Life" to (Y) "You've got to hide your love away".
A useful tool for... addicts...
Well, I don't know if the director Julie Taymor ever knew of this site but she certainly beat me to transform an idea into a completed work. I much anticipate her musical "Across the Universe" starring the beautiful Evan Rachel Wood as a character named Lucy (no kiddin'). The trailer sheds a new light on the song "Hey Jude" with a rage I wouldn't have expected it to drive in me.

Maybe I should get to work on this exercice de style of mine... after this other project is done, oh and also there's this one I should finish first... Ah well, I have a lifetime if front of me.

-- Joëlle.

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