25 October 2006

Tokyo notes

After a couple of days and just as my jet-lag fades off, the sun makes thankfully the brightest of appearance to accompany my steps into my first visit to a Japanese garden during this trip, Rikugien. It is actually my first experience of a Japanese garden with the awareness of meaning, context and history as I researched them over last year.
It was lovely and something of an explorative adventure. This Edo-period garden has its contemplative moments but it's not a Zen garden at all, it's rather playful with its hidden or dark corners, climbing spots and bridges to cross. What was also fun was to actually observe the people observing the garden. A note I should keep in mind for my 'Abstract' project.
Apart from that, coming back to Tokyo is much easier than I thought at first. It's the same practical city, where the fact that you don't understand a word has absolutely no importance (except maybe if you want to avoid specific food in restaurant). Like a fish in the water as we say in french, I feel like Tokyo is going to be one of those cities where I'll always end up coming back, like London and New-York.


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