05 July 2006

Why Wait?

Ever wondered why wait? Was ever this question an issue addressed in your work one way or the other? Would you want to bring to the community your inner thoughts on the matter that you kept to yourself until now?

Well maybe this workshop on ‘Waiting’ is for you then: It’s happening the 27th and the 28th of July, in London at the Bartlett School of Architecture. The organizers are looking for people who would be interested in taking part.
Information can be found at: inbetweeness.org

Here is a little abstract:


Waiting is part of everyday life in urban environments. We wait at the bus stop, we wait to see the doctor, we wait in a queue at the ATM, we wait for the concert to begin... Technology often tries to eliminate the act of waiting but do we lose something by this? Why are speed and efficiency valued more than waiting?

This workshop will explore the experience of waiting and consider how waiting is shaped by cultural practices, values, and attitudes. Designers, architects, artists, computer and social scientists are invited to undertake an active investigation into how technology can enrich or subvert the experience of waiting.

The subject is very "modern" and quite inspiring (I always thought of waiting as somewhat of a potentially dangerous situation for the mind). Plus, Arianna Bassoli, Johanna Brewer and Karen Martin are the organizers and for knowing them well and having worked with them, I can assure you London on the 27th and 28th of July is the place to be!

-- Joëlle.

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