02 July 2006

A taste of 1998

Ah Paris, when it gets crazy, people screaming, traffic jammed with cars honking, their passengers half outside, sitting on the open windows, carrying french flags, shaking pedestrians hands as they pass along... It's 1am, and it's going to last long into the night. Also because it's Saturday.
Paris, when people bond spontaneously over a soccer victory, well not any kind of victory. The victory of the challenger over the favorite, the one no one hoped for anymore, in a country going nowhere. Foreigners should understand that the stake is not just a sport one. After the "No" to the European referundum, the loss of the Olympics game, and a series of governmental pathetic public displays of disaffection and confusion, everybody was like, we're the losers of the world.
So like in 1998, if France wins the world cup, the "black-blanc-beur" national pride will be praised again, and we might even get optimism again in the air.
Last time, it lasted until 2002, until we woke-up one day with the National Front party in the 2nd round of the elections and we had to cope with another 5 years of Chirac. This time, the elections are coming up quickly - campaigns have already started - in this competition, I will too support the social-democrate challenger against the policeman favorite.

-- Joëlle.

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