17 January 2006

Véja Vu ?

Veja, the "fair trade sneaker", is Sébastien Kopp et François-Ghislain Morillon's answer to the question :

is another world possible ?

Those sneakers are made from bio/fair trade coton and rubber from the nordeste of Bresil and the production is tied up to local cooperatives. Read more on the website (in French, though). A very nice concept and business that tries to make a difference and has already seduced several rockheads from the UK! And if it's brit, you know it's hip!

Wanna buy ?

- Kiliwatch, 64 rue Tiquetone, 75002
- Palais de Tokyo, 13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75016
and other places like Citadium...

- Alice Gallery, 182 rue Antoine Dansaert, Bruxelles
- Own, 17 rue de la Casquette, Liege

- Best Shop, Alte Schönhauser Str. 6, Mitte, Berlin
- Sokkers, Kyffhäuser Strasse 37, Cologne

- Freeshop, 50 Voukourestiou Str.Kolonaki, Athens

- Yoi, Krugerplein 14C, Amsterdam

- E35, via S. Eufemia 37, Modena

ps: hey, what does our park ranger friend from Richmond, Virgina think of those ? let me know...

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