16 December 2005

Darling, how about a donkey for xmas?

Oxfam, always very innovative with their campaign for donations, has launched a series of "funusual" gifts that you can make to your friends or to yourself, called "Oxfam Unwrapped". How about offering a 5% share in a mango plantation (80£), a farmer training (64£), an entire classroom (1700£), a toilet (30£) or yes, a donkey (50£)? Of course, you actually don't get to host a super cute camel (95£) in your urban tiny home, instead it gets to go where it's needed the most (or another element of the equivalent importance)... I think Oxfam succeeds very well in involving donators often in a playful way, in bringing an awareness, away from the logic of charity, rather to a sense of participation in a project that becomes ours as much as theirs. They surely deserve a 3rd or 4th post in this blog about their work!

-- Joëlle

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