21 November 2005

The last culinary territory to conquest

Who would have guessed that to convince us to eat worms and ants we just needed an efficient packaging?
Maybe a visionary marketer and/or a gifted designer would have told you one day that anything’s possible, especially the most unexpected.
Well then, use and mix:
1. A good font
2. Colours black and white and/or Transparency
3. Familiar food semantics (lollipop, vodka, crisps..)
4. The reassuring chocolate ingredient
5. Exotic name dropping (thai/green/curry/pearl/mopani/monkey..)
6. Photogenic creatures
7. Prices that make you feel special when you match them (but that are still reachable)
And you get yourself something like “Toffee Scorpion Candy”, “Cheddar Worm Crisps”, “Antlix Lollipop”, “Chocolate Coated Ants”, “Thai Green Curry Crickets” and more, all available at Edible.com and very soon at your local grocery store. Needless to say, it comes from the UK and the products are fascinating to look at. It’s sold in Paris at the very bourgeois La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché, more familiar for importing Aunt Jamima syrup, good old Tiptree Orange marmalade and all kind of pasta from Italy.
I haven’t tried the Edible food range although I kept taking pictures of the products with my phone but a friend bought two of their lollipops as a birthday present. And that’s how it starts: first you buy novelties for a friend to try them out, then you end up being the main consumer…
Beware of the insectivore in you!

-- Joëlle

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