02 August 2005

Tsunami hits West Africa

A huge Tsunami hit West Africa in the past months. More than three million people are facing starvation in Niger alone. Other countries hit are Mali and Mauritania.
It took more than a month for this news to reach mass media focus and to get people to respond with donations. A mismanagement of the situation by the Niger government and the UN led to an even more dramatic situation. The Medecins Sans Frontières international website published an article of The Guardian on this matter. In the meantime, money is needed to open more therapeutic nutrition centers. One that MSF opened on the 25th of June was already full two days after (it contains 150 beds).
Oxfam who also launched a $2 million appeal for the West Africa food crisis publishes on its website downloadable toolkits that explain how they work in emergencies.

-- Joëlle.

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