09 August 2005

Mali forgotten

Oxfam published a press release about the food crisis in Mali that is forgotten by rich countries in comparison to its neighbor, Niger.
Regions in Mali that are particularly hit are Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal which are at the limits of the desert.
Other countries at risk are Mauritania and Burkina-Faso.
I don't especially believe in charity. But it seems to be the most paliative solution at the moment.
I just wish that there'd be a different economic model in place set up by international organizations that wouldn't contribute directly to famine. That we can't avoid such a situation to happen over and over again like a natural cycle and that we expect it to happen actually like it's in the order of things is so depressing. It's clearly our collective failure. It's not just another headline. "Oh yeah, a famine in Africa, you know. Ok, let's give some money to Oxfam or Care or MSF or whatever. They'll take care of it for us. And... Next!"

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