16 August 2005

In the first place

I've finally put together a selection of the pictures I took in the past year and a half.
After a careful selection, I made 3 different sets:
The first one, Beach House, shows mainly pictures from Tel-Aviv I did in July 2004. I wanted to give impressions of a city that might be underestimated (like I did for so long!) or not usually seen from these angles. There are many architectural pictures taken when I was touring the city in search for Bauhaus urban signs. Tel-Aviv which is also named The White City had just been then listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for the exceptional representation of the Modern architectural movement in the city (more than a thousand buildings designed from the 30s by architects immigrating from Europe). This set includes as well pictures taken in Mali with my then dying Canon camera who served me so well for so many years.
The second set of pictures I put together is Twilight Zone. I called it that way probably because scenes in the pictures seem to come from another dimension, like the Berlinese 3D structure or the sack at the Maison Victor-Hugo by fake monkeys during the Nuit Blanche. But also, places like the Giant's Causeway are definitely unique and strange, and during our trip, my travel companions and I were blessed with an incredible outer-space-like blue sky. Or like Tokyo, which made me feel so comfortable among the crowd, among the buildings, where I was found in an unusual yet familar environment.
The third set of pictures, On The Road, starts about when the lab closed down (except for one picture which was taken at the very end of year 2004). Since then, I felt literaly on the road, traveling very often, hardly staying in Paris, my home base, more than 3 weeks in a row. I traveled for all kind of reason, to meet lover and friends, to work, to explore, but even if I had a specific reason each time, I felt like I had to move, pushed by some unidentified energy. And it doesn't seem like it's going to stop: in a few hours, I'm taking the plane to Boston where I'll stay for 2 weeks. It doesn't feel very constructive to keep doing that. But I'm not sure yet what is going to happen. In this ensemble of pictures, my favorite part is Liverpool, where probably as far as I'm concerned, it all started.

-- Joëlle.

I've seen your picture sets : "beach house", "twilight zone" and "on the road".
I know that you're on the road again, one of the less travelled as always.
The only negative comment i have about those is about the presence of a few group pictures and "souvenirs" in the second set. For me, this breaks the "suspension of disbelief" otherwise provoked by your shots. Especially in the "twilight zone", you don't want that to happen, you want to be kept in this surreality. ;-)
I love your sense of light, your washed or saturated colours, the simple and efficient way in wich you frame your shots. Your self-portraits are screaming with sincerity and emotion. I know you will be heard.


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