23 March 2005

Time takes a cigarette

Last Saturday, I saw two friends of mine performing in a play "Les Dieux appellent ça des boulons" (The Gods call that bolts). Actually, one friend Renaud co-directed it and acted in it with his collaborator, Gaël and the other friend Guilhem co-created the video material. I know them for about 10 years. It's always very nice to follow friends' paths through life, ambition, achievement, desires and obstacles. I heard of the project about 3 years ago when Renaud told me about this russian short story from Victor Pelevin he wanted to adapt as a play ("L'Ermite et Sixdoigts/Hermit and Six-Toes"). And this week, it was there, live on stage. I find that quite fulfilling.

The play itself was very funny, and brilliantly played. The directorial orientation they took was quite interesting although sometimes frustrating: they would play and move within the audience. I would be able to see most of it except when some tall guy would stand in front of me. I guess that catching some glimpses, and missing some scenes at times contributed to create the ambiance which the audience was supposed to be in. I enjoyed watching the show and so did my friend Alexis that I dragged along.

More information (in French) on this company debut, untm.


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