03 November 2004

Today is not another day

I went along with Carson yesterday morning to the MIT polling site. I wanted to get a comparison with the French voting style. It's really different actually. You're not asked for proof of identity, nor electoral card. You just say your name and they check it on their data sheets. Then you're given an A4 paper on which you can check your choices for president and other elections. Then you check out, put the sheet in a ballot and walk away.
I missed hearing "A voté".

I didn't know what to believe about the elections outcome but when I got this picture of Greg's dog ready to vote for Kerry, I felt confident and hopeful that he could win.

But at the end, Bush got even the popular vote (he did better than Reagan in his time!)... I guess it's only democratic fairness. Even though this election process feels nothing like fair.

Anyway, I'm glad to be in Boston to witness the whole thing. Cambridge (where MIT/Harvard are) has voted 85% for Kerry - maybe this is where all the democrat voters from Ohio/Colorado/Texas and so forth have emigrated! Undergrads and grads should go back home to vote, not for Thanksgiving! ;-)


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