03 August 2004

Would you have seen the movie "l'Age des possibles" [Pascale Ferran] by any chance? You might have not if you were not living in France in 1996. It was first commissioned by the TV channel Arte and then released as a movie.
Ten young men and women, friends and lovers, living in Strasbourg at an age (in their late twenties), when everything is possible. When you know that in front of you is an infinite space of choice, expectation and possibilities.
I saw it when I was 21 and heartbroken. The story gradually takes shape in the depiction of the banal everyday lives of people like you and me. The high moment in the movie, almost at the end, is just a song, at a house party, when two female friends sing over the best piece of the "Peau d'Ane" soundtrack (another movie to watch, by the way).
I felt very much happy afterwards because I saw how life was actually very exciting. I was aware though I wasn't at that age yet, the age of possibles (mainly because of the constraints of my studies).
Years later, as I arrived to Dublin, I knew I was there at last. At a time in my life when I felt that everything was open to happen. And hopefully, I know that this feeling is still there, even more because it is mixed with doubts and sadness, with fear and melancholy.

-- Joëlle.

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