30 July 2004

I went to the Señor Coconut concert yesterday. And danced all my soul with Karen. We took advantage of all the space that was left empty in front of the stage. Slowly, that space got filled with other people who came here to dance. Lots of smiles were exchanged. Because people were just happy to dance together.
At the end of the concert, a young happy man came to me and kissed me on the cheek in a way that felt like he had to do it. And then left. Just like that. I love those spontaneous interactions with complete strangers that take me by surprise.

Soon after, it reminded me of another interaction with strangers that strongly marked my memory. It was at a restaurant, I was eating at the bar with a charming young man and we kissed for the first time. Few people came to us in the evening to tell us very nice things. One woman in particular told us that we looked very much in love and it was beautiful to see - she was hoping that our love would last forever. I feel sad that her wish will not happen. Somehow I'm sorry to disappoint her.

I would not trade my memories for any peace of mind. I just wish they would not haunt me like lost ghosts.

Obviously, memories are probably my favorite theme when it comes to find a subject for storytelling.

-- Joëlle

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